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Peer Marketing Associates, Inc.

A Distributor Cooperative

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Peer Marketing Associates, Inc.


Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. (PMA), is a cooperative organized November 1, 1991.  PMA is a bargaining cooperative whose members are wholesale distributors of candy, tobacco, grocery and general merchandise to the convenience store class of trade. 
In 1996 its Board of Directors adopted the following Mission and Strategy statements:

The mission of Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. is to provide its members with quality buying, marketing, and service programs that enhance members' profitability.

Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. is a program driven, member owned distributor cooperative.  Our network of member distributors offers our business partnerships the opportunity to market their products nationwide via our member distributors and their retail customers.  To ensure the success of these programs, a Product Review Committee will review them before approval by management.  We expect our members to commit to participation/performance standards.


PMA members work together cooperatively to: 

  • Purchase in an economic manner as a group.
  • Achieve product distribution strength operating as a group.
  • Share in rewards earned by the group, based on proportion of contribution by individual members in the total cooperative.
  • Perform in accordance with agreed upon parameters.
  • Members are able to earn agreed upon Patronage Dividends on an annual basis when a program has been successfully implemented in accordance with theobjectives of a specific program.

About our 102 Members: 

Each member is a company that owns one share in our cooperative. Our members are convenience distributors.


Typical products purchased and sold by convenience distributors include candy, tobacco, snacks, beverages, health and beauty care items, general merchandise, foodservice and groceries. In addition to convenience stores, their largest customer segment, convenience distributors also service grocery stores, drug stores, tobacco shops, mass merchants, newsstands, concession stands, gift shops, fundraising groups, restaurants, institutions and much more.