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Peer Marketing Associates, Inc.

A Distributor Cooperative

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Feb. 1, 2018

Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Filtered Cigar, Pipe, Specialty Cigars, and Tube program with A&T Tobacco, Inc. .  The program includes the brands Dark Horse, Double Diamond, Diamond Club and Action and offers members and distributors quantity discounts, promotional discounts, rebates and year end patronage dividends. 

For details contact:

Vince Montini - Peer

(862) 324-4925

Jan. 1, 2018

Peer Announces Extension of Pyramid Retail Distribution Program for Members and Associates for 2018. 

For Details and your Retail Target list contact:

Vince Montini at Peer

(862) 324-4925

Jan. 1, 2018

Peer Announces Extension of Eagle 20's Retail Distribution Program for Members and Associates. 

For Details and your Retail Target list contact:

Vince Montini at Peer

(862) 324-4925

Feb. 20, 2017

New and improved Sunglass program from Cliff Weil, Inc..  


·     The major changes are:

          Much lower costs!

·         Reduction of sku’s!

·         Direct Import program!


This is a simplified program for your customers.

Our supplier remains the same - Cliff Weil, Inc..

Cliff Weil’s sunglass business has moved into the $16 - $60 price market.  

The result is a better quality lens and frame than normally provided in this price range.

For details contact:

Vince Montini - Peer

(862) 324-4925


Fred Keith 

My Synergy Partners


Sept. 1, 2016


Steven Costa
Creative Marketing Concepts
Cell: 314-210-0009

July 15, 2016

May 1, 2016

Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce a new lighter program that promotes the “Patented” lighter brand Linse


·         The Linse is a unique lighter with a “Patented” retractable & pivoting nozzle that also allows for flame size adjustment. 

·         Linse Lighters solve the problem of the consumer burning their fingers while using a lighter.

·         The “Patented” retractable & pivoting nozzle allows people to have a much safer and better experience, compared to other disposable lighters. 

·         The “Patented” retractable & pivoting nozzle directs the flame to angles of 0, 45, and 90 degrees, directing the flame away from a user's thumb. 


The target audience is any consumer who purchases disposable lighters.

·         Women – No more burnt nail polish lighting small candles!

·         Men – Cigar and Cigarette smokers!

·         Alternative smokers!

Click on this line for more information on Linse Lighters

For more details contact:

Vince Montini

Peer Marketing Associates, Inc.


Feb. 16, 2016. - ATM Program  

Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. (PMA) is pleased to announce a referral agreement with Payment Alliance International (PAI).  PAI is an electronic processing service provider specializing in customized wholesaler programs for ATM processing and equipment. Participation (along with year end patronage dividends) is open to all PMA members with the exception of those members that are already customers PAI. 

In addition to their ATM program PAI also offers point of sale credit and debit card processing, pre-paid/bill-pay services, and much more. 

PAI programs are currently being used by over a dozen Peer members. Listed below are several testimonials from our members:

"Over the 16 years we’ve operated our program, PAI provides great service to our customers and having an ATM product gives us an advantage over our competition."

– Greg Henning, President, CASH WA, NE

"Payment Alliance gives you the ability to offer another service to your customers that allows you to keep up with the changing times and advancement of money transactions."

– Chad Gummer, President, Gummer Wholesale, OH

"PAI’s experience and expertise has delivered a simple, effective, revenue-producing product. From a wholesale level, it’s basically hands-off."

– Stan Feist, President, Doyles Sheehan, MT/ID

Your next step is to contact either: 

Jim Krawczyk

National Sales Manager

Payment Alliance International



- OR -

Vince Montini at Peer

(862) 324-4925


Peer Marketing Associates, Inc. (PMA) is pleased to announce a motor oil and auto chemicals program with Warren Distribution. Program participation is available to all PMA members with the exception of those distributors participating in the WAM Warren Distribution program.


The program will include Warren Distribution's ACCEL, MAG 1 and Polar Antifreeze Products. These products are proven sellers at the store level and provide the retailer with high profit margins.


Program participation requires that you sign up for it. This is necessary so that we may track your purchases either form DOT Foods or Warren. 


ACCEL and MAG 1 motor oils will be available from three warehouse locations. The pricing program is FOB Pick Ups from each of the locations. Truckloads and 10,000 LB orders will benefit PMA members by limiting the freight exposure. Warren Distribution locations are Council Bluffs, IA(CB), Guntersville, AL (WDSE) and Glen Dale, WV (WDNE).


All ACCEL, MAG 1 and Polar Antifreeze products are available from the Council Bluffs, IA location. The chemicals and motor oils are also available through Dot Foods. The Dot Foods alternative provides the continuity needed for a national program.


Truckloads of Polar Antifreeze will be available from the Bedford Park, IL factory (Chicago, IL). Polar Antifreeze is also available at the Council Bluff, IA facility and can be combined loads of oils and chemicals. 


The program features products that are proven top sellers in the Convenience Store Channel. Order fill rate is nearly 100%. Ongoing seasonal promotions will be available to members. In the near future you will be receiving an email listing special incentives for PMA members to take advantage of.


PMA headquarters will receive rebates for all MAG 1, ACCEL, Polar Antifreeze and auto chemical branded products that participating members purchase. A growth rebate is also included in the program. PMA will pay patronage dividends annually to participating members. 


Click on and​ to learn more about Warren Distribution. All product can be ordered through Dot Foods or purchased direct from Warren Distribution.

For more details or questions regarding this program please contact:​ 

Kevin Linley. Warren Distribution

(800) 338-1235  


Vince Montini, PMA

(862) 324-4925